Inside leak check

Comprobación de fuga interior

How do you check if you have a water leak?


Think you might have a leak at home? Here are some tips on how to find out and what you can do to fix it.

  1. Locate your water meter. You will find your meter number at the bottom of your water bill.
  2. Check that the meter is working properly: turn a tap on and look to see if the meter starts running. The red needle on the large dial or the last red digit on the counter will move.
  3. Leave the tap on, close the water meter's stopcock and check that the meter does not register any change.
  4. Make sure all taps inside the house or premises are turned off and re-open the stopcock on the meter. Let an hour pass and see if the meter has registered any water consumption. If so, your installation may have a leak, since the meter only registers consumption if there is water flowing through.

In this video tutorial we explain how to do it.

  • Hello! If you believe or have detected that you have a higher water consumption than usual. It could be due to the following causes: New consumption habits, more people at home, change of an electrical appliance, installation of a water softener. An undetected water leak. A fraudulent use of your meter. You can check if your installation works well in a very simple way. Locate your meter and turn on a tap. Check that the meter counts forward (increasing the numbering) while the tap is open. Close all the taps and turn off any appliance that uses water, without touching the stopcock. Check the meter reading. Let a couple of hours without using the water and recheck the meter reading. If consumption has not increased, your installation is working properly and there are no water leaks. If the consumption has increased, it is likely that you have a water loss, since the meter only advances the numbering if there is water consumption. Contact a plumber as soon as possible to repair and prevent unwanted consumption. Did you know that you could be entitled to a bonus for leakage and payment facilities? Enter our website, locate your municipality and review the conditions. If you wish, you can send us your request through the form that you will find in the "Contact" section of the web, and we will begin to process it. If you have not yet registered in the Client Area, do not miss the opportunity. Register and you will be able to see your consumption and invoices, as well as receive notices related to your contract. Remember that tap water is a precious and scarce commodity. Make a responsible use. Thanks! We are at your service.

If you detect a leak, you will need to contact a repair service as soon as possible. We recommend keeping the stopcock closed until it is repaired!

Notify us of the leak using this link to be able to check how it may have affected your water consumption.