CONTIGO programme

CONTIGO programme

CONTIGO programme: people-centric management

For Agamed, offering the best service has always been a priority, opting for a management model that puts people at the centre of everything we do. For this reason, we have made available to the public a multi-channel service that adapts to the needs of different types of customer 

In this process of continuous improvement, we have launched the CONTIGO programme, focused on guaranteeing that all clients, without exception, can access our services and, above all, ensuring proper care for people in vulnerable situations. The CONTIGO programme aims to identify barriers to digital inclusion, understanding and accessibility as well as economic barriers in order to offer “exceptional solutions for exceptional situations”.

SERES Foundation

Entity collaborating in the CONTIGO programme

SERES Foundation

A non-profit organisation with over ten years' experience supporting the transformation of companies and promoting their leadership in the face of social challenges.

Continuación Programa CONTIGO

What barriers does the CONTIGO programme address?

As a result of the study carried out, a set of barriers have been detected that we intend to break down through new initiatives and the reinforcement of others that were already implemented:

  •  For the barriers to understanding, we are working on the use of new languages to serve our customers, ensuring the inclusion of immigrants who are not fluent in Spanish. 
  • For the barriers linked to digitisation, in addition to facilitating procedures by appointment in offices, telephone or videoconference, we are making it easier to carry out procedures on behalf of other people, as well as sending and receiving paper documentation. 
  • For the barriers linked to hearing disabilities, the use of the WhatsApp channel allows deaf people to communicate easily with us. In addition, we have made a sign language service available to those customers who may need it, both in offices and via video call.

Additionally, for cases of economic vulnerability, the aim is to ensure that all those who may require any of the available aid are aware of these options and can apply for them quickly and easily. These support schemes include "12 drops", which allows payment in instalments with the same amount each month, the deferment and interest-free payment in instalments of debts, and social tariffs and funds.