Customer Counsel

Customer Counsel

We want to improve with you

To encourage dialogue and increase our commitment to our customers, we have created Customer Counsel, to continue improving the quality of our services.

The Customer Counsel is an office that deals with conflicts between the Group’s companies and their customers and helps find solutions in a friendly environment. It intervenes in the following cases:

  • When the customer does not agree with a reply given by the company.
  • When they have not obtained an answer to their claim.
  • Controversies relating to fraud and claims for damages are not covered.

Customer Counsel services

Customer Counsel services available to the customer

Personalised analysis of claims

This service analyses, on an individual basis, each complaint made by customers who do not agree with the answer they have received from the company.

Defending customers’ rights in relation to the company

It is a final attempt, from within Corporate Group, at an amicable solution, responding to the customer and trying to resolve their complaint.

Mediation and impartiality between customers and the company

It is impartial to all parties, ensures proceedings are transparent, keeps information confidential and acts independently of the management areas

Identifying opportunities for improvement

It encourages dialogue with and commitment to customers, seeking improvements to services.

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