Construction and projects

Obras Agamed

Sustainable, efficient management


The Agamed Works Department carries out work designed by the company’s Project Department, guaranteeing the best working conditions and correct choice of construction materials and methods to ensure works are handed over to public use in perfect condition, meeting all the quality standards stipulated by our Integrated Management System (food safety for water; occupational health and safety; environmental management; quality management; sustainable and efficient social and environmental development).

The works cover the drinking water supply, the sewer system, treatment and rainwater.


The Planning and Projects Department is responsible for analysing the supply, sewer and rainwater networks in the town. Mathematical tools and geographic information are used to analyse different types of operations in the networks; detect and overcome current or future deficiencies in the infrastructures, based on forecasts for the development of the town; study and draw up building execution projects to solve detected deficiencies; define the reference technical standards for drawing up projects and executing water infrastructure works in Torrevieja; and providing technical support to the other company departments.

Work includes everything from general infrastructure design in master plans to developing construction projects for supply, sewer, rainwater and treatment works, which include the refurbishment and construction of tanks, water distribution and transport pipelines, sewer networks, irrigation networks, rainwater collectors, pumping stations, remote controls and stormwater retention tanks.


Information for the drafting of projects

The Works Department of Aguas del Arco Mediterráneo carries out the works designed by the Engineering Services of the company ensuring the best conditions of execution, the correct choice of materials and construction methods (performing quality control of the works) to ensure that the works are delivered to the public use in perfect conditions, complying with our Technical Guide.