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Since 1 January 1999, the mixed private-public company Aguas del Arco Mediterráneo, S.A., 26% owned by Torrevieja Town Council and 74% by Hidraqua, S.A., has managed the complete sustainable water cycle in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja Town Council has always been greatly concerned for the efficiency of complete sustainable water cycle management, which has been a key factor in supporting the town’s development, especially considering water is a scarce resource that needs to be conserved.

Hence, together with Hidraqua, who had provided the drinking water distribution service from 1973, it set up a mixed company to manage the complete water cycle in our town. From this arose in 1999 Aguas del Arco Mediterráneo, S.A. (Agamed), a company that combines commitment to public service with experience, technology and know-how to provide an effective, modern and sustainable service.

Experience, efficiency, service, commitment, sustainability and innovation are the foundations on which Aguas del Arco Mediterráneo, S.A. (Agamed) conducts its daily work providing continual, daily public water, sewer and treatment services:

  • Ensuring the quantity and quality of the permanent supply to our town.
  • Guaranteeing correct removal and treatment of wastewater from customers’ homes to the treatment plant.
  • Providing adequate treatment of wastewater so it can be returned to the natural environment and reused with full health and hygiene guarantees for agricultural irrigation and in Torrevieja parks and gardens.

Today, we manage the drinking water distribution service, the sewer system and wastewater treatment, with 102 professionals who share the same commitment and responsibility to guaranteeing a water supply of the highest quality and minimal environmental impact at all times. For more than 126,000 customers, it is the fourth largest supply service in the Community of Valencia.