Sewers and rainwater

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334,187 km of sewer network

The sewer system in Torrevieja 


The Torrevieja sewer system consists of gravity and pumped sewers and covers a total length of 334,187 m. The gravity sewers collect water discharged from homes and businesses in the town and carry it to the 28 wastewater pumping stations (WWPS) throughout the municipality. From here, the water is pumped to the Torrevieja wastewater treatment plant.

The pipelines have a diameter of up to 1000 mm and are mainly made of concrete, or PVC in the new networks. There are currently 8,258 manholes in the municipal sewer system.

Every year, the whole Torrevieja municipal sewer system is cleaned. In addition, network revision is planned using TV cameras. This guarantees the smooth functioning of existing pipelines as well as helping to prevent incidents from occurring.

The Torrevieja sewer system separates wastewater from rainwater, which has its own network.

The whole network system is mapped and traced by geographic information system (GIS) software, offering greater control for preventative and corrective network maintenance.

Sewer system



Diameter of the network

up to 1,000


Rainwater in Torrevieja

The Torrevieja rainwater network has developed considerably in recent years and currently consists of 29,692 linear metres of pipeline made mainly from PVC and concrete.

There are 750 gutters for the catchment of rainwater, covering a length of 2,898 linear metres.

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Network data

There are circular pipelines with diameters of up to 1000 mm, while others have a square or arched section of up to 3,000 x 1,000 mm. In addition, the network has 363 manholes.

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Transport and storage

There are various canals parallel to the N-332 road (the areas of Doña Inés and El Limonar) and three outdoor reservoirs (Doña Inés, El Limonar and Punta la Víbora), for the transport and storage of rainwater during periods of rainfall, providing a total surface area for storage of 40,975 m².

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Pumping stations

The rainwater network also includes seven pumping stations in Calle Mar Menor on the corner of Calle Urbano Arregui, on Calle Efrén Gutiérrez Mateo, on Calle Ramón Rubial and in the El Limonar area.