Sewer system discharges

Vertidos a la red de alcantarillado Agamed

Analysis of over 600 parameters

Monitoring the quality of waterdischarged
into the sewer system

Every year, Agamed carries out quality controls on water discharged into the sewer system with the help of a discharge control plan. This consists of taking samples from 10 key points in the town, some of which are near the Casa Grande industrial estate.

Every year, approximately 72 samples are taken from the system and 644 parameters are analysed, with more tests conducted when possible abnormal discharges are detected.

  • Aims of the discharge control plan:

    • To protect the receiving environment, eliminating all toxic, chronic or acute effects.
    • To preserve the safety and integrity of people and the sewer system installations.
    • To protect the wastewater treatment systems from pollutant loads that exceed the treatment capacity, are not treatable or have a harmful effect on systems.
    • To favour reuse of sludge obtained from wastewater treatment facilities in the region.