Local initiatives

Social initiative

Agamed sponsors the solidarity grants APANEE

At the request of the APANEE association, due to the current economic situation, it is very difficult, or almost impossible, for them to afford the necessary treatments their sons and daughters need to continue improving their development and preventing future difficulties.

Agamed collaborates so that these children receive the treatment they need so much and achieve the social and work integration they deserve.

Social initiative

Agamed sponsors adapted sport for a "Reduction of Inequalities"

Agamed collaborates, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals and through the REwater Global Plan roadmap, in the purchase of an adapted boat for the practice, and official competitions, of the Paralympic athlete Javier García Martínez.

Agamed is committed to clearly allying itself with sport and helping to reduce inequalities.

Environmental initiative

AGAMED gets involved with the sports schools, supporting the social commitment to sustainable water management

AGAMED with the slogan "There is no life without water" instills the values for the "Social Awareness of Sustainable Water Management" with the young people of the Municipal Sports Schools of Torrevieja.

Creating an educational social awareness about "water and sport without plastics", all with the aim of an Environmental Sustainability for and by Torrevieja.

Environmental initiative

Agamed has created an "Insect Hotel" at the wastewater treatment plant

Agamed, with the aim of preserving nature, has created an Insect Hotel in which it aims to help auxiliary fauna, is say, organisms that benefit us due to the biological control of pests that they exert, or that pollinate crops and ecosystems, and that maintain the health and fertility of the soil.

Social initiative

AGAMED collaborates with ASIMEPP in the "Solidarity Race-Walk for the Visibility of Fibromyalgia"

The binomial sport-solidarity offers not only the enjoyment of a sporting event that serves as training, demonstration of overcoming, but also a show of solidarity and empathy with our fellow men, a treatment of equal to equal.

For this reason, Agamed collaborates with ASIMEPP for the implementation of this initiative to promote solidarity through the practice of sport.