Key figures

Datos Significativos Agamed

Transparency, the key
to good water management

Transparent management is a key element for any company, and in our case it is an essential obligation which we are perfectly happy to meet. These are some of the main actions, indicators and data relating to Aguas del Arco Mediterráneo (Agamed):

  • Social

    In 2021, at Agamed we set aside €800,000 for support schemes to help pay off debts in the supply of drinking water to homes. In total, 1,081 customers have benefited from support schemes.

    To guarantee equal access for applicant families, the support schemes are managed jointly with Torrevieja Town Council social services.

  • Environmental

    At Agamed we are committed to sustainability in the complete water cycle, incorporating new technologies and ways of working based on the concept of the circular economy, which aims to conserve natural resources.

    • Customers using e-billing: 41,898 (+33%)
    • Reused reclaimed water: 100%.
  • Staff

    At Agamed, our most important asset is our staff. That's why it is important to establish an appropriate human resources policy to maximise the potential of their knowledge and professionalism.

    • People: 102
    • Women: 26%.